green cleaning without compromise

VIREN APOTHECARY started with a gallon of vinegar, a filthy kitchen & a pounding headache. like many of you, i knew it was time to ditch the commercial cleaning products for healthier, eco-friendly alternatives. pinterest’s promise that i could replace my whole cleaning arsenal with castile soap, vinegar & a couple of expensive bottles of "magic" plant-based oils seemed too good to be true. spoiler alert: it was. my counters were full of dried gunk, my glass & mirrors were full of streaks, & my entire house smelled sour. i wanted to crawl back to my bottles of neon blue liquids & artificial pine. instead, i took an aspirin and got to work. 
every other "green" cleaner on the market seems to contain vinegar (smelly & ineffective), palm-derived surfactants (contributing to deforestation of tropical rain forests, further threatening extremely endangered species) or has sketchy ingredient transparency. our product formulas were born from a personal refusal to compromise between eco-friendly ingredients, fine fragrances & sparkling surfaces. anything we make is guaranteed to be free from the following junk: phthalates, parabens, gluten, palm oil/derivatives, animal products, formaldehyde, toluene, bleach, phosphates, & ammonia (just to name a few). stop cleaning. start cultivating your space. 
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