flu season is on its way, so this question has been hot--do our products disinfect? no. 

even though we use some ingredients that have disinfecting capability, they aren’t used at the high concentration needed to be an effective disinfectant. just like soap & water is proven again and again to be the best way to keep our hands germ-free, our powerful surfactants help lift tons of the little buggers off of your surfaces. you don't need to worry about disinfecting your house during your normal cleaning to stay healthy!

even though we don’t make a disinfectant, I spent a lot of time researching them, especially on the claims that essential oils & vinegar are effective at killing germs (they kill SOME germs but not the scary stuff like e coli, staph, norovirus or salmonella). 

I stumbled upon a scientist who dedicated her practice to putting all disinfecting products, both natural & chemical, to the test with live bacteria cultures. (note: I'm having trouble locating her website at the time, but when I re-find her I will immediately update this post with her link so you can check it out for yourself!!)

some totally bombed, but the majority were just “ok”. At the end of the day, the disinfectant she relies on is probably already in your medicine cabinet: hydrogen peroxide.

she uses 3% hydrogen peroxide in her own home for the real dirty stuff (food-prep areas, toilet seats etc), proving that it kills 99% of germs with a contact time of only 30 seconds! it's also greener than you might think, breaking down into water and oxygen gas. 

it is also inexpensive & super easy to get your hands on, stocked at any store that carries basic first-aid supplies. I like using it in a spray bottle for easy use, but this isn’t necessary--just do NOT transfer it into other containers! It is photosensitive & will break down if exposed to light. if you can't find a spray bottle hydrogen peroxide at your local shops, amazon offers one for just over 2 bucks!

  please note that hydrogen peroxide is NOT safe on every surface, so please spot test before using. on things like door knobs & remotes, I use vodka as a disinfectant (needs more contact time than hydrogen peroxide, but also very effective & non-caustic!) every now and again. It’s a good choice for things that you’re worried about discoloring with hydrogen peroxide.

if your children (or roommates) come down with the stomach flu, bleach, while not a green chemical, is really the only thing that can guarantee your safety. the CDC has a great dilution chart for using bleach as a disinfectant on their website to make it as safe as possible. here’s the link: https://www.cdc.gov/disasters/bleach.html

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