hey, cat people--did you know that essential oils are not safe for your furry friends? the ASPCA lists essential oils (EOs) among the leading causes of tremors among felines & has multiple warnings against using products with EOs around them. simply put, kitties do not have the same metabolizing enzymes in their living that humans & dogs do (although there are many documented cases of dogs becoming ill), meaning they cannot process toxins as efficiently. this goes for skin exposure, respiratory exposure or ingestion. if you're doubtful, it only takes a quick google search to find a plethora of pet owner testomonies in which they share their experiences losing their pets to EO complications & toxicity. 

this topic is a contriversial one, as many people feel very strongly that essential oils have greatly increased their quality of life. among the conflicting information regarding essential oil safety, there are many different "pet lists" disucssing individual oils & uses that try to draw the line between safe & dangerous. unfortunately, just like talking about our exposure to chemicals such as SLS & parabens, that line doesn't usually become clear until issues arise & it is too late. our pets are too important to us to take that risk!

VIREN APOTHECARY uses 99% plant-based ingredients in our cleaning products. however, for that last 1%, we lean on top-tier fragrance crafters to give us a hand. our scents are free from junk (see ya never, pthlates!), carefully sourced & exceptionally blended to ensure that they are safe for everybody. best of all, they still give us the cognitive & emotional benefits that aroma provides. 

most importantly, if you have reason to believe your animal has had contact with essential oils & is drooling, vomiting, has tremors, appears wobbly/unsteady, showing respiratory distress, a low heart rate or a low body temperature, seek medical attention. long-term exposure can also cause serious issues (such as liver failure), so contact your vet if you have concerns.

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